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Jon is pleased to have earned the endorsement of past and present leaders in the City of Kirkland. Please consider endorsing Jon and supporting him in his campaign for Kirkland City Council.

Affiliations are noted for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the entities named.

Kirkland Reporter Letters to the Editor

Letter from Amy Falcone, Human Services Commissioner - A Vote for Pascal

Letter from Mathew Pruitt, Planning Commissioner - Vote Pascal for Kirkland City Council

Letter from Lisa McConnell, Transportation Commissioner - Pascal will shape real solutions for Kirkland

Letter from Karen Lightfeldt, Neighborhood Leader - Pascal is an accessible, honest and a dedicated public servant



Washington Conservation Voters

Affordable Housing Council

Kirkland Firefighters, IAFF Local 2545

Washington Bikes

Seattle King County Realtors

Sierra Club

King County Democrats

King County Young Democrats

1st District Democrats

45th District Democrats

48th District Democrats

Seattle Transit Blog


Elected Officials Representing Kirkland (Current and Former)

Rev. Mary-Alyce Burliegh, Former Kirkland Mayor / City Council

Santos Contreras, Former Kirkland City Councilmember

Rod Dembowski, King County Councilmember

Bill Finkbeiner, Former State Senator, 45th Legislative District

Nona Ganz, Former Kirkland City Councilmember

Roger Goodman, State Representative, 45th Legislative District

Brian Gawthrop, Houghton Community Council

John Kappler, Houghton Community Council

Shelley Kloba, State Representative, 1st Legislative District

Patty Kuderer, State Senator, 48th Legislative District

Eric Laliberte, Lake Washington School Board

Doreen Marchione, Kirkland City Council

Joan McBride, State Representative, 48th Legislative District

Bob Neir, Former Kirkland Mayor / City Council

Toby Nixon, Kirkland City Council

Guy Palumbo, State Senator, 1st Legislative District

Chuck Pilcher, Evergreen Hospital Commissioner

Betsy Pringle, Houghton Community Council

Dave Russell, Former Kirkland Mayor

Larry Springer, State Representative, 45th Legislative District

Derek Stanford, State Representative, 1st Legislative District

Vandana Slatter, State Representative, 48th Legislative District

Mark Stuart, Lake Washington School Board

Bill Woods, Former Kirkland Mayor / City Council


Community Leaders

Jeanne Acutanza, Former Transportation Commissioner

Marc Ackerman, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

Ken Albinger, Juanita Neighborhood Association

Michael and Patty Anderson

Wendy Ayer

Bill and Becky Ballantine

Bill Blanchard, Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods, Co-Chair

Kurt Brunnenkant, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

Rob Butcher, Kirkland Oktoberfest Founder

Jason Chinchilla, Park Board

Larissa Chuprina, Juanita Neighborhood Association

Ed and Kelly Clark

Sue Contreras, Park Board

Chris and Gena Cook

Kelly Dahlman-Oeth

Ken Davidson

Eric and Faith Debolt, KirklandGreenways

Sheldon & Julianne Drogin

Ted and Jeanne Ederer

John and Molly Ely

Amy Falcone, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

Bernie & Betty Faubel

Jim and Kathy Feek

George and Sarah Finkenstaedt, Finn Hill

Jonathan Friebert, President, Kirkland National Little League

Kathy Fries

John Ghilarducci

Ken Goodwin

David Greschler & Paula White, KirklandSafe

Ellen Haas, Founder of Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance

Cliff Harlow, Kirkland National Little League and Pony League Leader/Coach

Jim and Carolyn Hitter

Jeff Hoerth, Former Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Leader

Sue Keller, Former Park Board Member

Walt and Kathy Krueger, Kirkland Chamber of Commerce

Kirstin Larson

Jeanette Leach, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

Jim and Kristin Lloyd, Former Fire District 41 and Parks District Commissioners  

Tiffany Martin, Juanita Neighborhood Association

Ted Marx, Former Park Board Member

Lisa McConnell, Transportation Commissioner

Jim McElwee, South Rose Hill Neighborhood Association

Rick & Eiko McManus

Mike Miller, Planning Commissioner

Scott Morris, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance, President

Bea Nahon, Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods, Past Chair

Marc and Marce Nance

Tom Neir, Former Transportation Commissioner

Brenda Nunes, Kirkland Chamber of Commerce

Tom and Jackie Pendergrass, Former Transportation Commissioner and LWSD President

Glenn Peterson, Planning Commissioner

Matt Phelps, Former Editor, Kirkland Reporter

Brock and Val Phillips

Mathew Pruitt, Planning Commissioner

Janet Pruitt, Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods, Co-Chair

Barbara Ramey, Former Park Board Member

Robert and Alesia Regan-Hughes

Jake Rutenbar

Rodney Rutherford, South Rose Hill Neighborhood Association, Chair

Dan Ryan, Moss Bay Neighborhood Leader

Steve and Nora Ryan

Cassandra Sage, Juanita High School PTSA Board Member

Michelle Sailor, Former Market Neighborhood Leader

Kathy Schuler, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

Jack Story and Vicki Sumner

Karen Story, Highlands Neighborhood Leader

John Tymczyszyn, Planning Commissioner

Larry and Marie Toedtli, Houghton Neighborhood Leader

Aimee Voelz, Moss Bay Neighborhood Leader

Susan and Mark Vossler MD, Community Health and Climate Advocates

Jim Walen, Local Business Owner

Dave & Linda Wenke

Mike Wert, 100th Avenue Advisory Committee

Adam White, Former Park Board Member

Connie and Mitch Winter, Former Finn Hill Neighborhood Leader

Joanne Wright


Community Leaders Offer Their Perspective on Jon

"I have worked with Jon on community issues of interest for many years and respect his hard work and strong commitment to our community. I strongly support him for election to the Kirkland City Council."

-Ted Marx, Former Parks Board Member


"Jon's attention to our community, its challenges and opportunities are what we like the most about him. He gets out and meets the people of our wonderful city and genuinely listens to their thoughts and concerns. Thank you Jon for your service and leadership!"

-Marc and Marce Nance


"Jon truly cares about the Kirkland community and it's great to have a representative that deeply understands the needs of Juanita and Finn Hill."

-Brock Phillips


"Jon understands the unique neighborhoods we have and the sense of community each of them bring to the City of Kirkland. He has already shown his dedication to our city by serving on the Transportation Commission for 8 years. Additionally, he has taken it upon himself to visit our fire stations, community groups and other local organizations to hear what is important to the people of Kirkland."

-Cassandra Sage

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